God Of Wealth

The number 8 is considered to be the luckiest number of all numbers in China, because in Chinese, the number 8 is Fa, which is very similar to the word of their wealth-up to 250 times the wealth will make your bottom line if you can rank six 3 to 5 symbols of any one of 8 in different colors, you will find the reel spinning.

However, there are even bigger prizes waiting for your bet in the form of Chinese lanterns, up to 300 times your bet, the maximum bet for "Bull" is 500 times, and the highest bet for Tiger For 2500x, the maximum bet amount of Green Dragon is your maximum bet amount. If you are the God of Wealth of the God of Wealth, then if you support Caishen of the God of Wealth, you will be even more fortunate. When he becomes his winning combination by appearing on the third axis, he will receive twice the normal bonus. Cai Shen can also appear in various forms on all reels, and he can use it as a reward symbol himself-5 Cai Shen symbols can bet at an amazing 10,000 times the reserve price.