777 Blazing

About Blazing 777, there are many advantages and disadvantages, it has 10 sets of 3 sets, each set has 1 active line. The volatility of the game is usually low, but there is a chance to upgrade to a higher version, RTP is disappointing, because its yield is 95%, and the maximum payout will reach 420x ($21,000). The "blazing seven-person" model is the only major function it provides.

This is a classic theme, one uses several variants of 7s, and the other three are variants of the Bar logo (stacked 1, 2, or 3 tall), plus silver coins and cherries. The appearance is unusual, but this is mainly due to the stacking of 10 different small slots on two rows. This is not a bad looking slot machine, but it is not modern or interesting.

Blazing 777 provides quite unique features, but this is the full scope of its proposition. It is expensive, has a low RTP, and has no features for players who want a more complex game style.